Frequently asked questions

Our flagship template for Woocommerce Label only costs £59.99. Once purchased there's no subscription or fees to get started. You can follow our simple get started setup to get thing in motion, this is included within every purchase.
Each purchase, contains a setup instruction kit which should direct you in the correct direction. Our App template comes with the PHP files to connect your Woocommerce store to the App in a seamless way.
Your server setup will most likely determain how secure data is since Woo Apps does not host any of the files or data for your Woocommerce store. Before you purchase you will want to ensure that your store uses HTTPS.
If you haven’t uploaded an app before you can follow the instructions in the below link:
To connect your Woocommerce store you will need API keys to your store to ensure that files included can connect to your store. This can be done easy by following this tutorial
Under our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee we will refund you within 30 days if you are unhappy with your purchase. Please note that your licence will no longer be valid for the software and you will need to delete the source files. We will also require your invoice for the purchase and a completed returns form.